Spotify Playlist Submission: 9 Top Curators You Can Submit Your Music To

Spotify playlist curators

Looking to increase exposure for your new song? Spotify playlist curators can help you do just that! With free submission, these curators will help you get more listeners and increase your brand awareness.

The music industry has changed massively over the last decade. Nowadays, musicians have to be smart about the way they handle their business.

In our previous post about how to become a rapper, we emphasized the need to create a unique sound and market your music to the right audience.

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In this article, we will explain how you can use Spotify playlist curators as your marketing strategy for incredible success in the music industry.

Spotify playlist curators

The Best Spotify Playlist Curators You Can Submit To For Free

Here are the best curators you can submit your songs to for reliable playlist placements:

1. Artist Intelligence Agency

The Artist Intelligence Agency has over 7,500 artist relationships and over 3,000,000,000 total plays. Their music submission portal can help you get your music in the hands of the right people in a smooth and easy way.

They also offer a ton of analytics tools which makes them a desirable service for curators.

2. Indiemono

Indiemono offers a free and easy way to submit music to their playlists. From Latino and Chill to Urban, Sad and Folk, they cater to a wide range of genres and listeners.

3. Soundplate

Soundplate operates a plethora of incredibly popular playlists on Spotify and Deezer. Their playlists have cult followings and most listeners use them to find new music. Submitting your music on Soundplate is a surprisingly easy process. Simply choose the playlist type and submit your song.

4. Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists offers huge choice to artists. They work with many playlists and you benefit from their huge network. Simply visit their site and scroll to the relevant playlists to submit your track.

5. Spingrey

Spingrey helps you get your music in front of the right listeners by placing your songs on the right playlists. You can simply send your demo to their team through Patreon and they will get back to you with their feedback.

6. Simon Field

As an influential deep house producer and curator of popular electronic music playlists, Simon is the man to contact if you want to promote EDM. Simply follow his playlist to unlock the submission form.

7. For The Love of Bands

For The Love of Bands operate an array of Spotify playlists in the punk rock, indie, and reggae genres. Their submission process is also very simple and straightforward. You can expect to receive a response in 120 hours with their free submission option.

8. Kolibri Music

Kolibri has playlists in the Trap, Funk, Rock, Reggaeton and Pop genres. They have over 180,000 followers in total and their submission process is as easy as ever.

9. Soave Records

Submit your music to Soave records to get exposure to listeners who love chill, feel good and beach music. Their popular Spotify playlists will give your song all the exposure it needs.

How Does Spotify Playlist Promotion Work

These days, online music streaming accounts for over 75% of music industry revenues because of the huge demand for streaming. According to Spotify Insights, playlists are a huge driver of growth for listening diversity.

This means most music listeners are using Spotify playlists to discover new music. This is why Spotify playlist curators are very important.

Using Spotify playlists will give your music a greater chance of going viral. The Rap Caviar playlist alone has over 11.4 million likes and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Getting your music on such a playlist puts you in a strong position to win. However, there are a few things you have to consider before submitting your songs to Spotify playlist curators.

As a musician, your brand is very important, you care a lot about your music and you want to be successful. However, you need to approach the curators in a unique way.

How to Submit to Spotify Playlists

Playlist curators only care about their listeners. They are always looking to keep their listeners satisfied so will only add songs they believe will add value to their playlists and keep the listeners happy.

According to Tuma Basa who was behind the Rap Caviar playlist at Spotify before moving to YouTube Music, he made it clear that he only worked with artists who created music that stimulated him. He tells Genius:

“I keep up through people whose tastes I trust or whose knowledge base I respect—mostly in real life, but sometimes on social media”

This shows that it is still very important to share your music on social media and use great products like Instagram Tools to promote your music as well as reaching out to Spotify playlist curators.

So how do you submit music to the incredibly busy curators of Spotify playlists?

Use The Right Approach

Think of your music submission process like an elevator pitch. You need to pick the right playlist curator and explain to them why your music will fit in with their playlist listeners and add value to the playlist.

Get Your Music on Spotify

Never submit a link to SoundCloud or YouTube. Playlist curators have been known to give preference to artists who are already on Spotify. It also helps if you are a verified artist. This shows huge amounts of credibility and a desire for success.

Go Beyond Spotify

LinkedIn is a great place to find the internal editors of Spotify playlists. You can reach out to them directly and connect with the decision makers inside Spotify. Use a really good, straightforward message and be persistent. If they are feeling your music you will get positive feedback and placement on a playlist.

How To Use Spotify Playlist Curators To Conquer Your Genre

Using Spotify playlist curators is a great way to market your music. According to our stream calculator, new artists are getting huge payouts from streaming services as a result of being featured on playlists.

You have to approach the curators in a way which highlights how much you love their playlists and how your music will fit into the style of their list.

Remember to get your songs listed on Spotify through a good distributor and send curators the links to your Spotify profile.

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