How To Become a Rapper: The Proven Strategy

How to become a rapper

Did rappers like Kanye, Eminem, A$ap Rocky, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick, and even Lil’ Pump know how to become a rapper before they achieved success?

The answer to that question is most likely no! They had to experience different things throughout their career that has made them the rappers they are today.

Luckily for you, we are going to list those things in this article and give you proven steps to becoming a successful rapper.

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How To Become a Rapper

Successful rappers have a great sound and always make music that their fans love. They do that by focusing on 5 surprising tricks. To become a great rapper you have to:

  • Focus on the quality of your music
  • Create a sound that sounds unique
  • Market your music to gain new fans
  • Engage with your existing fans
  • Perfect your live performances

Chances of Becoming a Rapper: The Statistics

Look at the Billboard top 25 rap songs chart and you will discover that over 60% of the rappers on the list are under the age of 25. It has always been said that the rap game is a young man’s game.

While older rappers tend to become businessmen in the latter parts of their careers, younger rappers are always around to keep the party going.

There is stiff competition in the rap game these days. If you want to know how to become a rapper, follow the advice of success stories like Chance the Rapper.

You face a better chance of becoming a rapper if you do it for the passion and being able to connect with fans. Chance is always on record for saying that he never wanted to sell records

“putting a price on it put a limit on it and inhibited me from making a connection.

According to The Verge, music streaming now makes up more than 75% of revenue in the music industry. Streaming, however, favors the consumer more than the rapper.

The adoption of streaming now means that people are able to discover your music through streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. According to our own Nicebrains research, Spotify playlists alone are one of the biggest sources of brand awareness of rappers and record labels.

Streaming pays out big money to rappers and musicians. Use this simple streaming royalty calculator to find out how much you could be making.

how to become a rapper

How To Get Into The Rap Industry

As we already mentioned, the rap industry is a very competitive one, however, the taste of music-lovers is ever-changing and with a unique sound, you stand a great chance of getting heard. Here are 6 incredibly strong ways to get into the rap industry:

  1. Create a unique sound
  2. Record high-quality music
  3. Use amazing beats – Check out our Beats Library for amazing beats every week.
  4. Market your music on Social Media
  5. Get your music onto Spotify playlists
  6. Engage with your existing fans and ask them to share your music
  7. Perform live on a regular basis

Focus on your sound. The most important part of your rap career is music. Most rappers today sound very similar and if you want to make a quick dollar, you can use the same sound. However, this only works for a little while until your fans get bored.

Switch the monotone style and sample older records in a unique way or ask your producer to remove all the instruments from the beats and focus on your bars.

Your Rap Career Strategy

Every successful rapper needs a management team. These are people who book shows, sessions with producers, manage the tour merchandise, and handle music promotion.

Before all that, you need regular, unique sounding beats that blow people away and help you create a unique sound.

Focus on the Quality of Your Music

Most streaming services today will do quality checks on your track submissions to make sure it meets requirements like commercial loudness. You should invest in a good quality microphone and a professional audio engineer to mix and master your records.

The second thing to focus on is the quality and catchiness of your visuals. Whether it is a music video or album art, it has to resonate with people. Use brighter colors, depict striking images and cause shock to get the attention of people to click on it.

You can also market your music using Spotify playlists. In our post about how to submit your music to Spotify playlist curators, we explained how effective it can be for gaining new listeners quicky.

Your Sound

As we mentioned above, having a unique sound is very important. You do not have to reinvent a new sound. By simply using a new cadence, new punchlines or different types of words in your raps, you will catch the attention of rap heads worldwide.

Marketing Your Music

The fastest way to promote your music is through Facebook and Instagram. Social media advertising is very effective because it gives you the chance to show your music to people in your city who have a taste in your type of music.

To get started, create some mind-blowing visuals or graphics for one of your songs and use the Facebook Ads Manager to market your music.

Engage With Existing Fans

People listen to music for various feelings such as: to relieve stress, to celebrate, to have fun and to make love. If you identify who your audience is, you can make music and hone your style to suit their tastes.

This does not mean that you are compromising on your sound. It just means, you care about your fans and want to make music to make them feel great and enjoy your music.

Engaging with your fans through social media is a great way to gauge their feelings about your music. Use Instagram live and read comments on your Facebook posts and tweets.

You can also ask your fans to share your music for a chance to win some free merchandise.

Summarizing How To Become a Rapper

Most successful rappers today did not know how to become a rapper before embarking on the journey to stardom. They started making music and learned from their bad experiences.

You are a great position now because you have all the relevant tools you need to become a successful and famous rapper.

Focus on the quality of your music, perfect your sound and make sure it stands out when compared with other rappers, and engage with your existing fans.

Becoming a great rapper is all about your charisma, style, and sound. You can get the best new beats every week through our Beats Library to help you get that superstar sound.

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