The Hit Song Formula – Exploring The Role of Social Media & Dance

Hit song

Dance has always played a huge role in the populrity of new music. From Lil’ Jon, Soulja Boy and more recently, Drake and Migos. But has TikTok and Instagram made the process even that much easier? Let’s examine two case studies.

Creating a Hit Song

From the outside looking in, it the formula looks simple – take a simple, hip hop instrumental with a nice bounce, create a catchy hook, send it off to some “social media influencers”, pay them to dance and post a video and voila! you have a hit! Just look at In My Feelings and Toosie Slide by Drake or Look at My Dab by Migos.

It’s probably not that simple. A lot goes into the process of making a great song but we’ve picked up on 3 key elements that guarantee success.

  • Timing
  • Branding
  • Patience


I think we can all agree that the Dab was well and truly rinsed after gaining popularity as a result of the Migos effect. But they were actually not the creators of the dab. No one cares though, becuase it sure looks like they were. According to an interview with Billboard, Migos admitted that they were doing this dance as a joke and to show off their fashion, but when seeing athletes like Lebron James doing the dance as a celebration, they decided to capitalise on it and make a song.

In our previous post, we talked about how branding can help you stand out in the music industry and timing is part of that. There’s a story of an up and coming rapper who reached out to a TikTok user who had a huge following, paid them $200 to post a video dancing to their new song and as a result, they ended signing a record deal with RCA.


I think its fair to say, Drake may have mastered the art of creating hits. I can remember making of his dancing in Hotline Bling only to find out that the song was certified 8x Platinum. $$$

Fast forward to In My Feelings and Toosie Slide, it begs the question – can you manufacture hit songs by adding a dance to it? Toosie explains how Drake sent him the track for Toosie Slide and within a matter of minutes, created the dance and posted in online.

The rest as they say is history.

Let us know what you think. Can hit be manufactured? and is this a trend going forward?



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