How To Stand Out In The Music Industry – Actionable Tips

Stand out in the music industry

So let’s talk about how to stand out in the music industry. One of the biggest misconceptions artists have is that it’s all about the music. Your image is as important.

Creating a recognisable brand helps to elevate your music and make it more memorable.

As you know, at BeatsLibrary we’re all about helping artists create a unique sound and stand out from the crowd and we do that by providing the best instrumentals, rap beats, r&b beats, you name it, we have it.

For you to be successful, your music should fit into your overall image or brand – You need to find an angle.

Step 1: Finding Your Angle

So your angle could be your lifestyle, your point of view, or your past. This fits into your brand as an artist.

Let’s take your point of view for example. We all have opinions and beliefs about anything going on. It could be based on what is going on in your city, your view of pro athletes, or other musicians. Don’t forget, artists like 50 Cent made their name by calling out other more well known artists over things they said or did.

Look at your brand as an artist as the starting point. One quote from the former creative director at MTV Paul Wilkinson is a good signal for how you should approach this:

“When most artists start out they tend to emulate the people they admire as they find their own voice. The best place to start is to think about who inspires you and look at what they’re doing. Don’t directly copy what they do, but study them carefully and introduce your own ideas. Keep it simple.”

Everybody thinks you need this eccentric lifestyle to really stand out in the music Industry. This is wrong because if you look at artists like Lewis Capaldi or even DaBaby, you had to come to like them based on their posts on social media. Focus on building your brand and then get noticed. Let’s talk about how.

Step 2: Playlists and Journalists

Within BeatsLibrary we have a tool called Promote which artists use to promote their music. Essentially we’ve curated the best Spotify taste makers, Apple Music taste makers so you can directly reach out to these journalists and say look just my music check it out. This is important because a large number of people are now finding new music through playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar on Spotify. Your ability to become a recommendation will either are or break you.

Here are some tips about how to get in on that algorithm

Step 3: Use Social Media

You need to be really active on social media. Take snippets of your song, add it to popular videos that are trending at the time, and use the right hashtags. You know the story of Lil Nas X and what he did with Old Town Road. His social media prowess helped him excel in a saturated music landscape and the rest is history. His exact strategy might not work for everyone but the bottom line is, you need to be really active on social media.

Heard the story of Flo Milli? According to Rolling Stone magazine, Flo Milli, an aspiring rapper, had her manager track down the TikTok user @nicemichael and offered him $200 to bring more attention to a dance for “Beef Flomix.” The result – more than 100,000 likes, the song goes viral and a record deal with RCA.

Step 4: Monetise Through Merch

At some point in your musical career, money will help you grow faster. So once you have your brand, reached out to the relevant journalists, and landed some playlists placements, you have to reinforce this with brand recognition and being able to monetise it.

The two most proven ways of making money as an artist are live events and selling merchandise. Your merch should fit into your overall brand. Take the Migos for example, they have this high end luxurious feel to their music and their music and it reflects in their merch. They were also able to license their style out to a really popular fashion retailer in the UK who exposed them to millions of young new fans,

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